by Courtney Boyce BIO I started in photography before the birth of the digital camera. I'm a self-taught photographer. All of what I now know, was achieved by learning the true fundamentals of photography when film photography ruled the game. Ohh I love those days! Back then, you had to be "right on" with every shot. I remembered when I first picked up a camera as a teenager. I was fascinated by the ability of this instrument to freeze a moment in time, that you will never see the same way again. I didn't have a clue that this love for the camera would put me in the presence of world leaders, dignitaries and recording artists. I remembered when I first met Boxer Larry Holmes in 1989, who was in Toronto to do a lecture about his life in the ring. As a boxing fan, I was in the presence of one of my sports heroes. Then in 2008, I met and photographed the Prime Minister of Barbados on two occasions within the same year. And just a few months ago, I met and photographed the Prime Minister of Grenada. This is just three areas when my camera had led the way, in the many years of shooting. My specialty is bridal, portraiture and fashion photography, but I can fit in any other category effortlessly. ...a dream begins with an idea

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